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Dynamic Access to Cities and Experiences


City Key is a nationwide initiative that is curated by Mayors, and designed to provide both tourists and locals with unparalleled access to exclusive experiences within each City.

DMA United conceived, designed, and implemented the initiative; and launched the platform at the US Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting with Mayor Hillary Schieve of Reno, Nevada and Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami, Florida.

At the core, each City Key is designed to highlight the respective City's distinct attractions, and allow holders to unlock curated, unique access to experiences.

Further, Mayors have the ability to offer Public Art NFTs, which highlight local artists and artwork, and each offering includes a charitable component - including, supporting local artists, public spaces, and neighborhoods.

Each Mayor's vision comes to life through the NFT offerings:

Mayor Schieve's Space Whale NFT was designed to depict the stained glass humpback whale that originally appeared at the Keynote Project at Burning Man, and now lives in front of City Hall in Reno.

Washington, D.C.'s Vacant to Visual NFTs were created in collaboration with the D.C. Department of Buildings, and include a collection of digital assets inspired by artwork painted on blighted businesses by local artists - created with the goal of attracting investments into the blighted neighborhoods.

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